Design Thinking: product or process?

Good insights from this recent article.

Is design about solving problems in society today?

"I’m not sure that it’s always just about solving problems. Before you solve the problem, you have to identify what the problem is, and traditionally designers have relied on clients to define the problem. For example, a client will come to you and say, “We want more awareness for our product, and we want a campaign.” Or, “We need some tools to support our business development team, and we need a brochure.” So not only are they defining what the problem is, but also the vehicle to solve that problem. But more and more I think businesses and associations are cognizant of the fact that design thinking is a method of inquiry that can lead to the identification of the problem. Design thinking can be incredibly useful for that."

Great point. My experience as part of AIGA/LA's Design-a-thon proves this true more times than not. The client wanted a simple logo to launch their new fundraising strategy. After speaking with them for about an hour it became clear to my teammates and I that they needed more than a logo, but also an engagement strategy to reach new audiences. The question then becomes, do you contact the client and ask to expand the scope of the job or do you put your head down and do what was asked.

The above article looks at this and suggests how designers can get a seat with the CEO.  Your thoughts?