Volunteers make it happen!

“In rescue, we have a saying: If you can’t adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, donate.  If you can’t donate, educate.  Essentially, everyone has it in their power to do some good," says Lisa Price, Director for PRICELESS PET RESCUE, which is hosting its 3rd Annual PACK WALK, on Saturday, May 14 in Chino Hills, CA.  PACK WALK 2016, an owner-pet walk-a-thon, kicks off at 8am in front of The Orphanage at 2587 Chino Hills Parkway then moving through local trails in 3K and 5K walks before capping off in a family friendly festival in Veterans Park.

   At PRICELESS PET RESCUE volunteers are an invaluable part of the work they do. "Our volunteers are literally the foundation of this organization.  They are the backbone, the heart, and the soul of everything that we do,” says Jamie Swartout, Foster Coordinator for the organization.  “These incredible people decide to give a piece of themselves to these animals through our organization, and without them, the world would be a much sadder place.  Each animal that lives today through our rescue efforts, lives because of these amazing individuals.

Funds raised at PACK WALK 2016 will allow the pet shelter to continue spreading its live-saving mission of "Saving One By One Until There are None!" You can register or get more information on PACK WALK 2016 online at RaceRoster.