Santa Claus, Inc.

   Visiting Santa Claus, Inc in Ontario, CA. is like dropping in on busy elves six months before Christmas.  When I came through the dimly lit front door out of the 85 degree California heat, I found 18 jovial seniors ages 56-86 happily working away at assembly line style workstations repairing dolls, welding bikes, soldering electronics -- sewing, mending and binding books. 

   Everyone worked in unison to fill a quota of items needed by Christmas, when 5000 toy baskets would be given away within 3 days to needy kids and families.  I had heard of Santa Claus Inc., but that one was actually located in San Bernardino.  That agency and this Chaffey District group were once one, but now focused on neighborhoods in their local communities. - Find them on Facebook!