The messaging campaign #Health4All is sponsored by the California Endowment and features a series of positive images of ‘Undocumented Californians.’

 Amy Y. Lin, a young Asian-American is depicted wearing a cap and gown at her graduation. “We cannot thrive when we are locked out of preventative health care.”

Jose Antonio Flores, a young Hispanic stands next to a film camera. His quote reads, “Adequate health care is a basic need for any family, especially in a developed country.”

Belsai Castellon, a middle aged Hispanic woman is shown wearing green nursing sweats is said to be attending medical school. She believes “All people, regardless of their birthplace, deserve the right to a healthy life.”

Steve Li, Asian-American is depicted as a Pre-Med student, wearing his hospital whites with a stethoscope around his neck. His quote “California’s health depends on everyone."


   The #Health4All series suggests some of our future leaders may have come undocumented from other countries, but they are contributing to the vitality of the region and belief that everyone deserves to live a healthy life regardless of zip code or citizen status. These life-size posters can be found around Los Angeles as well as on social media.  It is part of a larger California Endowment initiative entitled Health Happens Here.

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