We're looking for investment, not donations.

Arts4Good is seeking a strategic partner that shares our vision of supporting change-makers in local communities. We want to conduct DESIGN FOR GOOD marathons within twenty (20) California cities thru 2016-18.  Each event will draw attention to the missions of four nonprofit organizations, bringing greater awareness of their Causes, serving as a catalyst for increased audience engagement and donor support.

The cost for twenty (20) workshops is $100,000.

That is not much money, $5,000 per site, considering DESIGN FOR GOOD provides a minimum of $20,000 in pro bono service to the non-profits participating. We prefer collaborating with like-minded creative partners (design talent, nonprofits, corporate vendors, media, colleges, government agencies) to get the job done.

We also believe our good can be measured. Want to know more?

Let’s talk.