Profiles: High Desert Homeless Services

    High Desert Homeless Shelter (HDHS) is dedicated to providing programs for homeless clients that stabilize their clients' lives and turn them into productive citizens. They offer a variety of classes and workshops to their adult residents, including GED Preparation, Computer Literacy, Resume Building, Online Application Assistance to various employment websites such as Cal-Jobs, as well as a Money Management & Financial Budgeting Seminar.

   These courses allow HDHS clients to be better prepared to enter the workforce and move from homelessness to tenancy.  They learn valuable tools to help them to maintain future stability. They claim a 60-70% success rate for clients who are able to obtain stable housing after leaving the program and a success rate of 85-90% for clients who receive a steady income. 

   HDHS relies heavily on volunteers and supportive funding agencies to make it all happen. For information, go to their website: